Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Plethora o' Pictures

We are settling in nicely over here. Bryce has to make me sit still or I would go on whirlwind cleaning spree and end up back in the hospital. He has been so awesome taking care of the house and all of us. I couldn't ask for a better husband, and he loves his three boys so much. (I just might be tearing up right now, but don't tell anyone.) He goes back to work on Thursday, and I am going to miss having him around, and not even for all the laundry he's been doing. He did say to me the other day, overwhelmed at just the daily tasks there are, "I don't even know why you try! How do people do this every day?" I actually let him sleep in a little today, and being by myself with all three boys was, let's say, a little nerve-wracking. But I handled it okay! It will be nice when we get into a good groove and things start to be a little "normal." There are lots of pictures I've wanted to post since the day I had the baby, but obviously have been otherwise engaged. So I'm taking advantage of the baby sleeping and the boys watching a movie to post some.

Right before leaving for the hospital. We don't have many, if any, pictures of the four of us, and I wanted to get one. I'm waiting to lose a little weight before we get nice ones taken of the FIVE of us!

Me with my little men. So far I haven't hit any "postpartum" blues, but rather "highs," where I've never been so in love with my boys or my husband than I am now. I love this little family of mine so much that it's too overwhelming to think about sometimes.

I can't believe this giant four-year old was once a little baby.
Conversely, I can't believe that once little baby is now a giant four-year old.

Optimus Prime, before the Trunk or Treat

Bryce took them to the Trunk or Treat, and I guess in an effort to keep Fynn cool in his hot costume, Bryce kept it unzipped. I call it the 70s giraffe look - all he needs is some gold chains.

Story time. Sticking out their tongues like a baby kitten.

So far Fynn is handling the addition of Corgan pretty well.
He gives him the big kisses and says, "MWAH!"

I have never seen a child love babies as much as Ewan does, and I couldn't ask for a more loving big brother for Corgan. He looks out for him, talks to him, kisses him constantly.
Could the two of them be any more handsome?

Bryce's boss sent this Build-a-Bear to us. We weren't expecting it,
so it was such a nice surprise. It's very cute, and I love the personalized bib.

Cuddly. It's so hard not to squeeze him until he pops. He has changed so much already.
Why must they grow so fast?


Mubeen said...

Such cute pictures! So happy for you!!

Sarah Smiles said...

Oh my gosh, those are wonderful pictures! I could die right now from cuteness overload!
You one lucky chick with such cute boys in your life!!

And THANK YOU BRYCE, thank you. How do we do it everyday? It's like 25 fulltime jobs in one!

Shannon said...

Oh! What a super sweet post, I am so glad you are all settling in and that you are lovin life! Such a beautiful sweet family!

(I too just might be tearing up, but don't tell!)

J.E.M. said...

wow. you are a lucky lady! you make-a me tear up too. can't wait to hold corgan!

Jenny said...

ARRRRRGGGHHHH! He's so precious i just want to SCREAM!!! Your boys are such cuties and I love the way Ewan and Fynn are such good big brothers.

Amber said...

They are all so cute! I'm glad Bryce has been able to be home and help out. It'll take awhile to settle into a routine, but it will just happen and the next thing you know life will just BE.