Thursday, October 9, 2008

Odds and Ends

Well, Marianne had to leave me. It is very good for her and her husband, as he was given a very good job offer in Houston, which is going to make a lot of their plans and dreams possible, but sad for me because she had to leave so quickly. She was able to come today and say goodbye, and I'm at least so thrilled that she'll still be in the same state! She will be up for Thanksgiving, so we are both looking forward to that. Bryce and I plan on visiting in the future, as his brother is in Houston right now as well. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity to reconnect with her, because I truly thought I had seen the last of her before that day she walked into my class. The best word for it is serendipitous - that we had not seen each other in six years, totally losing contact and wondering about each other, only to have her husband be temporarily training where they would be in our ward.

On a fun note, I am so excited about this robe I bought for the hospital.  Just the pictures from the hospital when I had Fynn were so blah and I was always horribly half-exposed by the hospital gown, that I decided I wanted to be as "pretty" as possible this time.  I've always wanted one of these pretty Chinese robes, and it was on Ebay for pretty cheap.  It took over a month to get here from China, but it was worth the wait because it is so much prettier in person than it is in the picture.  I can't wait to have it on while I cuddle with my new baby-man.

We're gearing up for Halloween over here, buying costumes much earlier than we normally would (i.e. two days before) since we kind of figure (hope) I'll go into labor at any time.  Wishful thinking or no, I want to be ready.  Ewan of course wants to be a Transformer, so we bought him the cheesiest little Optimus Prime costume.  And while it is so cheesy, he is so stinkin' cute as he's worn it all day for the past two days.  I just love watching him in it, because I know he feels so cool.  He loves being in that costume so much, and I don't care in the future - he can always be whatever he wants for Halloween.  I love seeing it spark his imagination, and just knowing he feels like the most awesome kid on the block.  He's been doing this constant transforming thing, even before we bought the costume, where he gets on his knees and curls up with his arms doing various things, depending on which Transformer he is being.  (We keep meaning to get it on tape, and I'll post it when we do.) He makes these sound-effects that sound exactly like the ones on the animated show and goes from "vehicle mode" to "robot mode."  It has also sparked his imagination quite a bit, and he got some of his toy bugs today and said they were "bug-bots," that they were good guys, and he had names for all of them and a story for them.  We do have pictures of Fynn wearing his giraffe costume, but I'll wait to post any until the actual day.  They are going to be so cute, and if I'm in the hospital on Halloween, which is the current plan, I can't wait for them to come trick-or-treating to my room.


Shannon said...

oh my! ok, so many sorry that Marianne had to go, but again how totally and completely cool to have a reconnection with a past friend! Lovin' the robe, especially the price! And yay for costumes that the kids want, Brady loves his too! I can't wait to see Fynn in his giraffe costume, and can we trick or treat to see you too? LOL! I can't wait for Corgan! It seems like yesterday we were meeting baby Fynn on New Years in the hospital. I rememeber it was a Sunday b/c the Chik-FilA was closed!!

Sarah Smiles said...

I'm so sad Marianne had to leave so quickly! But being SO close is such a bonus...still, you should have tied her up in the closet or something ;). She needs to come up and go see the Twilight movie with us, though!
That robe....well, it's just wonderful. You're gonna be the hippest mom on your floor!
And CORGAN..come out already and give your momma some peace! :)

Kelli said...

I'm so pitiful, huh? I'm acting like I'm totally overdue when I'm just hitting 37 weeks. But it feels like it, I swear!