Friday, July 10, 2009

New kitties!

Okay, so sorry because I SWORE I was going to be updating more often, even trying for every day. But first we all had a horrendous sinus infection, and then once we got well from that, both Bryce and I caught this very odd virus that made our whole bodies feel like we'd been in a cage match, with a low fever... bla blah. So I haven't been in the groove. I even neglected Primp & Tell pretty badly. Anyway, yesterday Ruby had another litter. I normally would never have allowed her to have two litters, especially back to back, but after what happened to Flex, I wanted baby kitties. And it's not as if I had a whole lot I could do - it's clear now she was pregnant before Flex was even killed. And I am so ecstatic. All day yesterday I was expecting the "big event" because Ruby was acting so sluggish, and after she had them, I was so giddy and happy it was like a kid on a sugar high. I do love cats. So much I'm actually a little teary right now. Anyway.... So I will probably be keeping that little calico beauty there, I love them. And I'll almost definitely keep another one, too, just not sure which one. I want to wait and see their little personalities and see how affectionate they are. Also, there is now photographic proof that there are FOUR of them, so if something happens like last time, I won't second-guess my sanity. Pardon the poor quality - I had to snap this quick before Ruby came back from eating and took off my hand for messing with them. I really don't want her to move them this time.