Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poor Noonan

Things have been quite rough in Ewan-land lately.  He wakes up very early every morning, at least an hour earlier than what his body needs, and he's so tired all day long that he barely can function.  If I do try to make him nap, he either just can't fall asleep, or he sleeps so hard that he can't fall asleep at night.  As a result of all this, he has been nearly inconsolable and basically an emotional wreck.  This morning, after literally every innocent question I would ask, such as, "What do you want for breakfast?" he would completely break down and get hysterical.  When it came time to lay down, he was so wired that I didn't even try to make him lie down.  While I was throwing together something for our dinner, everything in the house was very quiet.  I went into his room and found him on the verge of sleep, and he said to me, "Can you come sit with me?"  I told him I would in just a few minutes, and when I came back, he was a total goner.  So now we're on our way to six o'clock, and I have no idea what to do!  Wake him up?  Let him sleep for as long as he needs (and risk him being up all night?)  While I decide, however, I enjoy the cuteness of him sleeping with his Transformers, his soft bear and his beloved kitty.

Just because.

Read this.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Visit to Jonah!

I recruited Erica and her daughter to drive to Austin with me for a day trip to meet Jonah. The trip went well, with Ewan and Megan, who are so much alike it's kinda scary, hitting it off well and laughing in the backseat like little Gremlins. (By the way, I have never heard a cuter laugh in my life than Megan's. Never. I mean it.) The kids were very good, but way too energetic for a brand new mommy's nerves, so Erica took them to Walmart for snacks while Amy and I had some quiet sister/baby time.

The drive was nice, Erica and I talked and talked and talked. At one point, her daughter said, "Um, Mommy, I'm trying to hear Peter Pan, you can stop talking now." It was the first time Erica and I have been able to really talk in many, many years, so we didn't stop, but I think Peter Pan was enjoyed anyway. The last leg of the trip got a little long for me, with the drive from Erica's to home seeming to last longer than the whole day. Fynn was crashed well before we hit home, and Ewan was so tired he was slurring his words. For the first time in my life, I don't think I want to sit down ever again (yet here I am...)  Oh, and one of the cutest moments of the day came when Megan told Ewan, "You are just the cutest thing."

It was a great day, and thanks so much to Erica for keeping me company and helping keep my burden light. Erica's post with some pictures of the day can be found here. Please forgive this particularly HORRIBLE picture of me. I would use pregnancy as a double-chin excuse, but it was there long before Corgan took up residence. Just pretend you don't see it. Deal?

Ewan loves babies so much. He went with Amy to change Jonah's diaper and told her that he was the cutest baby in the whole world.

Amy and Jonah. Very red-haired Jonah.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Just like that one scary Transformer does..."

When I had Fynn, Ewan was so completely awesome.  Other than a little nail-biting in the beginning, he never showed any ill-adjustment or jealousy at all.  He loved him from the moment he saw him and has ever since.  I took that for granted, I think, and with this baby, I've mostly worried about how Fynn is going to take it.  He'll only be 22 months old when Corgan is born (whereas Ewan was almost three at Fynn's debut) and he's just a much more jealous type than Ewan ever was.  

But I suppose now that Ewan is older, he understands more and I might have a little more to deal with than I had anticipated.  Today, Ewan said, "When our new baby is here, I don't think I'm going to like him very much."  I asked him why, and he told me he wanted things to stay just as they are, "...with Fynn, and you and Daddy.  Fynn's a great brother."  I told him Corgan would be a great brother, too, and I told Ewan what a great brother he himself is.  

There were a few moments of silence, and then he said something that was extremely difficult not to laugh at, and I absolutely could not let myself laugh, because this was obviously a very important discussion.  So I was barely able to hold it in when he said, "It's just that... some babies make my teeth chatter."

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally, Jonah in pictures

Thanks to Ashley for getting some pictures I could post of Amy's new baby, Jonah. I think he is such a beautiful baby, truly. I wish I could see him in person, he only weighed 6 lbs.! Ashley said he's like a little Cabbage Patch Doll.

I'm told he has Amy's gorgeous shade of red hair.

More pictures here.

This now lives on my wall

I've admired him from afar for many a day, and he finally went on sale. As Sarah pointed out, it kind of replaces my maimed red kitty. Kind of. His cute little eyes swing from side to side. I love him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A haze of laze for the rest of my days

This pregnancy is so kicking my butt, that I fear I'll just be lazy for the rest of my life. Seriously, I am "out of commission" so much lately, that Bryce ends up doing tons of extra work for me, and I struggle through the rest of the day while he's at work. My kids are subsisting on dry cereal and if they are lucky, Spaghettios. What if this becomes a habit? I really do get scared of that. My biggest fear in life (besides the obvious - losing a loved one) is that I'll become this lazy mom who eats bon-bons all day and barks orders at my kids while reading trashy novels. I just can't even imagine being back to normal at this point. Last night, when Bryce walked in from work at nearly midnight, he found me on the couch, literally unable to walk the ten feet to the bathroom to brush my teeth due to my back problem. I wasn't feeling humble enough to crawl, so I'd waited there for twenty minutes for him to come home and help me. Forgive my whining, it's just the state I'm in. As if it wasn't challenging enough, I was rudely awakened this morning by a monster of a Charlie horse that has yet to completely go away, as well as having a sore throat, aching head and a cough as the cherry on top. I know, I know, I should stop whining. But I'm so good at it - the one thing I'll never be lazy about. I really do not post this for sympathy, I just really do worry about the affect this will have on me after the baby comes. That fear rises up so much, I guess just because this is all I know right now - the days of normalcy seem so far behind.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome, Jonah

I really wanted to wait for pictures before I posted this, but I don't know when we'll get them.  I imagine they are pretty busy and occupied down in Austin.  But Jonah was born early this afternoon, weighing in at six pounds, something.  Yeah, I'm a little vague on the details.  But welcome to the world!  And he has red hair!  We figured he probably would, Amy has red hair and Jesse has reddish highlights.  This makes me an aunt for the 23rd time.  And I'm so happy for Amy, she went through a lot for this baby!  Congratulations!  I can't wait to meet him.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

He may have been weird, but at least he was right

Remember this post?  Specifically how I fell in the river, and some women were making some slightly catty remarks about me traipsing around slippery rocks while being pregnant and one of their husbands shouted at the top of his lungs, in a perfect Larry the Cable Guy accent, "That baby's safe in its embryotic sac!"  Well, I'm glad he was right, because I fell off of our porch today.  Yeah, from the top.  I have no idea really what happened.  I just stepped right off of the top step, and tumbled down the rest of the way.  Luckily my instincts must have kicked in, because I stuck out my elbow and was able to break the fall for my belly.  But holy cow, my elbow hurt so badly that I lay there stunned for a while.  The boys and Bryce were outside with me and they came over.  Ewan was very concerned, but when I asked if my fall scared him, he said no.  Later he told me he was unhappy when I fell because he's always unhappy if I hurt myself and that it worried him.  I'm fine now, just kind of sore, and my elbow is not happy at all.  I'm just glad that's all it was, because it really could have been bad.  

But back onto lovely things, didn't Missy do the BEST JOB ever on my blog?  I love it so much, and as I've told her repeatedly, I cannot thank her enough!  Everything is still pretty much a work in progress as I decide what to do with my other columns because I really want to change most of what I have on here.  For now, it's just so pretty to look at.  This is why I wanted to go back public, it's too awesome to hide from the world.  

And the second lovely thing, my little sister is going in tomorrow have her first baby.  I wish I could go down to Austin and see him after he comes, but I don't think it's going to be possible.  I'm sending her my thoughts and love via the Internet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

No fears

I did not delete my blog again. I wanted to go back to being public, but I didn't want to go back and edit all the stuff on my other blog that I wanted to remain private. So I'm basically just starting fresh with this, and it'll be a work in progress over the next few days and this week. My other one still exists, I just changed the URL to http://privateskillywidden.blogspot.com. It's just going to be my archive, and I'll be updating from now on here.  If there ever is something I want to blog about and have it remain private, like pictures of my kids without their underwear (kidding), I'll post it to Private Skillywidden and put a little post on here directing my privatees there.