Monday, September 29, 2008

Visit to Jonah!

I recruited Erica and her daughter to drive to Austin with me for a day trip to meet Jonah. The trip went well, with Ewan and Megan, who are so much alike it's kinda scary, hitting it off well and laughing in the backseat like little Gremlins. (By the way, I have never heard a cuter laugh in my life than Megan's. Never. I mean it.) The kids were very good, but way too energetic for a brand new mommy's nerves, so Erica took them to Walmart for snacks while Amy and I had some quiet sister/baby time.

The drive was nice, Erica and I talked and talked and talked. At one point, her daughter said, "Um, Mommy, I'm trying to hear Peter Pan, you can stop talking now." It was the first time Erica and I have been able to really talk in many, many years, so we didn't stop, but I think Peter Pan was enjoyed anyway. The last leg of the trip got a little long for me, with the drive from Erica's to home seeming to last longer than the whole day. Fynn was crashed well before we hit home, and Ewan was so tired he was slurring his words. For the first time in my life, I don't think I want to sit down ever again (yet here I am...)  Oh, and one of the cutest moments of the day came when Megan told Ewan, "You are just the cutest thing."

It was a great day, and thanks so much to Erica for keeping me company and helping keep my burden light. Erica's post with some pictures of the day can be found here. Please forgive this particularly HORRIBLE picture of me. I would use pregnancy as a double-chin excuse, but it was there long before Corgan took up residence. Just pretend you don't see it. Deal?

Ewan loves babies so much. He went with Amy to change Jonah's diaper and told her that he was the cutest baby in the whole world.

Amy and Jonah. Very red-haired Jonah.


Shannon said...

um, i want a baby real real bad.

oh! and what a fun trip!

Sarah Smiles said...

What a beautiful baby! Absolutely gorgeous! You all are!! :)
Glad you got back safe and sound!

Julie said...

He's precious!
And yea for getting to go visit!