Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Monday, May 25, 2009

The smell of a kitty's fur.

Our baby kitty, Flex, one that I have been quite attached to - more attached than any cat I've had since I was a kid - was found dead in our front yard today. He had gotten out and I thought he'd come back in, but he hadn't. I feel like a lost little girl and have been sobbing all day long. We had a little funeral for him and the boys and I drew pictures to put in the box with him. The most amazing thing was when his mommy kitty, Ruby, followed us out to where we buried him, climbed in the hole for a moment, then got out and stood by while we had our funeral. Ewan was upset when I first told him, but recovered fairly quickly, Fynn doesn't understand at all of course. Bryce feels guilty and sad, and I just feel like a devastated child.
My picture of Flex's heaven - a shallow pond with lots of fish for catching, a tree that grows feet for him to play with, three little boys, and Bryce's beloved kitty Smokey that disappeared a few years ago. I know they'll be best buds.

Ewan's picture for Flex. :( FYI, the spiky haired maniac is me.

Fynn's picture for Flex.

This is what Ruby has ben doing all morning. I had ice cream for breakfast since I was in mourning, and I think this is Ruby's plan as well - eat a hamster to drown her sorrows.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh, one more thing

Ewan had his five year check-up on Wednesday. This is what he told the doctor," I just can't decided if I want to be a scientist, a penguin helper, or a schoolteacher."

I got nothin'

Shannon commented that I should update, already, for Pete's sake! I agree, but I just - I got nothin'! Life is just ticking along at a slow little pace. Any spare time I do get, I've been spending on Primp&Tell or Facebook. Ewan is doing really well in Pre-K, Fynn talks like a big kid now, and Corgan gets across the living room by rolling over and over again. Bryce has taken a second job as a limo driver to help us pay off some debt. I have also applied for a part-time job at a daycare center - we'll see what happens there. They have room for the kids, so it's just a matter if they pay me enough to be able to work with the kids there and still have some surplus to contribute to bills and such.

But I am here, we are alive and well. Just busy. Or not busy enough. I don't know. One of those two.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's been fun to have these little kitties around. They are so sweet, and so cute! One of them got an eye infection, and I kept having to take it out of Ruby's little nest for them to treat it. She got so irritated with me that she moved them behind our stove. One day I couldn't find them. Until I opened the oven drawer...

The pans have since been washed.

The gray one found a home with Kara, and the other whitish one found a home with Mary Ann. (Thanks, guys.) This one is mine, all mine. Ewan named him Flex, and he is seriously maybe the prettiest cat I have ever seen. I love his little face. (If you have any male cats in the room while you are viewing this, you might want to cover their eyes. Look closely and you'll see something inappropriate for Tomcat viewing.)