Monday, October 13, 2008

Ewan and Fynn

I had Missy over today, since she had the day off, and we don't ever get just fun weekdays to hang out and let the boys play.  We took them outside where Ewan found a rolly polly that he was very excited about.  But he lost it once we were inside, and he was very upset about it.  I told him he could go out front for two minutes and look on the front walk for another one.  The front walk that is two feet out in front of our house in plain view of all the windows.  I planned to watch him from said windows, but I never saw him come down from the front porch.  Missy and I were chatting, and I kept expecting to see him perusing the front garden to find some bugs.  Still didn't see him, so thinking he was right on the front porch, I opened the door to get him in, and he wasn't there.  He wasn't anywhere.  The front yard was silent, I called his name, nothing.  He was just gone.  My heart started to pound in my chest and my ears and I was about to panic when I look to the left, and that child was just strolling nonchalantly down the street from down on the corner.  I couldn't believe it, and it was a good half hour before my heart returned to normal beat.  He got a serious lecture, where I didn't sugar coat anything and I told him someone could have stolen him away from me forever.  He suddenly wasn't so worried about finding "doodle bugs" anymore, and I was fine with that.

Fynn is doing really well with his splint.  I'm actually having to watch him very closely to keep him from standing up.  At first, I was so daunted because I thought he wouldn't be able to do anything, but I was wrong.  As the doctor said he would, he figured out his own way to scoot around and it's basically just like having a crawling baby again.  Excepting the fact that instead of encouraging him to stand, we have to fuss at him constantly to SIT DOWN!  I should have known nothing would slow my wild Fynn down.  It'll be interesting to see how the cast affects him, as it will be a lot less flexible, and higher up on his leg.

Instead of crossing my fingers for the baby to come now, he has to hold on one more week.  I have so much going on:  doctor's appointments for me and Fynn, birthday parties, a baby shower, a baptism, the pumpkin patch...  Although I don't know how I'm going to handle that last one.  Walking isn't exactly one of my strong points right now.


Sarah Smiles said...

Isn't it the most awful feeling to lose one of them out of sight? Holy moly, Bella does it to me at the store, constantly....I remember the days of riding bikes all over creation as a child, how did our mothers do it?
Good luck on your busy week!
Hold on in there, Corgan, you can do it!

Missy said...

Seriously, Fynn crawling across the floor with those bandages on his leg is pretty much the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. It's so cute! And yeah, that was pretty crazy that Ewan just ran down the street (though I see kids younger than Ewan just wandering off in neighborhoods all the time, that's SO SCARY!) But it was fun despite all that! I'm counting down till the holidays when I have some REAL time off!

Shannon said...

How scary! glad he was just exploring, and nothing worse.

Team Ayres said...

I'm excited to see your blog! wow you guys are going through a lot with a kid with a broken leg and a baby almost here! Are you still in Dallas? it'd be great to see ya'll

Kelli said...

Hey, Amber! Yes, we're still in the area. We wonder about ya'll a lot and say to each other, "We really need to get with Jamie and Amber!" We definitely have to do that very soon, we haven't even seen your second baby yet, and I don't think you have seen ours, either.

Jenny said...

seriously, when it comes to dangerous things, i think it's totally fair game to scare them about the consequences. we are merciless with our kids about running out in the street.