Saturday, November 22, 2008

Notes on the Day

A poorly written, random, in-no-particular-order post about what's on my mind right now:

Corgan is one month old today. I never did monthly pictures with Ewan or Fynn because I just didn't think of it, but I want to with Corgan. It will make up for the fact that as the third kid, the number of pictures of him will be far outnumbered by pictures of Ewan The Firstborn. I think the look on his face in the first picture is a peek at the look he'll give me frequently as a teenager.

We took the kids to a Primary party today, and when we got there, they told us we could just drop Ewan off. He wasn't totally thrilled with that, but we went grocery shopping with Fynn and Corgan. When we got back, they let Fynn have some pizza and a cookie as we were leaving. He really enjoyed that cookie, as you can tell. Before we left the party, Ewan came to me and said, "Mommy, what if a monster ate me when Fynn and Corgan were still in your belly? You would say, 'Oh, Ewan is my only son!' and you would cry and cry."

He likes to wear Bryce's hats. Oh, my gosh - look at this boy's face! He's a work of art!

What it looks like most of the time at our house now: a blur of rowdy boys. Fynn is old enough now to really be friends with Ewan. They wrestle and scream all day. Can't wait to have THREE of them wrestling and playing together. (Forgive the crumbs and canned goods on the floor. It was cleaning day. I was reorganizing.)

Lastly, um... I'm totally addicted to Facebook. It's a good thing I can browse the Internet on my iPod and that 80% of my time is spent sitting and nursing. It allows me to feed the addiction. Waiting for the novelty to wear off, but I can't believe some of the old friends I've found.


Shannon said...

Oh, so much to comment on.

First, that pic of Corgan is TOO MUCH! He is adorable, I am pretty sure you just can't say that enough!

Second, I can't believe I missed you BOTH times at that primary thing! The first time I had run to target for some crap they forgot and the second time, who knows! I did have fun chasing Ewan, he was my "charge" until Daddy came back. We had fun!

Third, I am in love with Fynn. Seriously, he is so funny and sweet!

Fourth, facebook IS addicting, especially when you just start. It is way way better than Myspace, in my opinion!

Mubeen said...

Such adorable pictures of your THREE boys!! Glad you found me on FB! :o)

Sarah Smiles said...

Smack them boys for me...they are just too much. I love that picture of the blur :)...good memories there! And time has just flown by so fast, I can't believe it's been a month since Corgan made his debut!

Jenny said...

Is that FYNN in the big brother shirt? I didn't even recognize him! he looks so handsome and grown-up!

And me too about facebook right now. my addiction is unhealthy...i think i need a fast or something.

(and nothing rocks harder than rowdy boys screaming with laughter on the living room floor...)

Ashley said...

Oh man, 3 boys are fun and oh so rowdy! I have had a Facebook for awhile but never took the time to figure it out, I am such a dinosaur. Maybe I'll look into it.

Sarah Young said...

You make me laugh and I love your insight!