Thursday, November 13, 2008

Okay, here goes: The Great Jeans Countdown

This post is really for me, so obviously feel free to read, but forgive me if your brain starts to melt out of your head from boredom.

This morning, my one pair of jeans that fit me - maternity jeans - were dirty and I was frantically searching for something to wear.  I looked at my pile of pre-pregnancy jeans and decided to try on the biggest pair, even though they didn't fit me one week ago.  But they fit!  Now, I'm going to be humble here and admit it:  they are a size 17, Mossimo from Target.  They aren't my favorite, but by gosh, they fit.  I have four more pairs of jeans from before baby that I want to fit into, and their sizes start at 15 and go down to size 11.  Two pairs, both 12s, I have never even worn.  Bryce had told me I could buy me some jeans, but I decided not to in what may be a misguided attempt to lose the weight required to fit into the others.  

Now, Ashley has had some weight-loss success by counting calories and all that good stuff, but I am not good at that.  I get overwhelmed by numbers and give up.  So my plan is to replace the bad things I eat with good things - one at a time.  I'm also not good at major overhauls, I have to do it step by step.  To get started with a bang, I will tackle my two worst habits.  You all know about my rabid Coke addiction, so I will replace all Cokes with water (unless I go out to eat, I just can't commit to giving up Coke with my fajitas.  And I can't do diet drinks.  Sorry, Missy, I tried).  My other worst habit is BAKED GOODS!!!  Oh, my goodness, especially if there is good TV, I will kill a batch of chocolate chip cookies before the oven is done preheating.  

I was supposed to start this plan this past Monday, but it was a stressful day and I drank some Coke, then Shannon came by with my favorite shortbread cookies - which are basically pure butter.  (Thanks, Shannon!  They were yummy.  And at the same time, DARN IT!)  My plan also requires a trip to the grocery store as we are low on any fruit, so I will be starting on Saturday.  So hopefully by giving myself a realistic goal, i.e. fitting into the next size down, as opposed to declaring I'll be size 8 by a certain date, I can have some success.  So today I fit into my size 17 Mossimos and a pair of size 14 Old Navy.  Yay for me!  Next up:  a pair of size 15 Mossimos (which are inexplicably smaller than the 14s).  Wish me luck.


J.E.M. said...

GOOD LUCK!!! And what a realistic way of thinking about it. It's such a hard thing to require of oneself to quit anything cold turkey. You can do it!!!

Ashley said...

You can do it. The first week is the hardest, but it's not so bad. It quickly becomes a habit. You are lucky in that you are nursing, you can burn alot of calories that way. Good luck!

Sarah Smiles said...

Good luck! It's hard, thats for sure. I'm on my first week of eating better and it's no fun...but it's slowly but surely getting better. I still eat some of my favorite stuff. I did replace Dr Pepper with Cherry Coke Zero, except at restaurants and then I have to have my Dr P!
I'm doing my best to count calories, and it helps that I basically eat the same things so I already know if it's gonna be too much, and that makes it alot easier to keep track!

Kristy said...

I love reading your blog, your writing is so clever, i.e. your brain melting out of your head sentence. I would love to just steal that line.
I am with you on the whole jeans thing. I am to the point that my maternity pants fall off, but I can only squeeze myself into one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. I don't even have a plan to loose the weight. Bad timing with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think I am waiting til New Years to start!

Shannon said...

Oh! I am so sorry about the cookies, you should just make them and give them to your visiting teaching people! LOL! Make them eat all the fatty deliciousness! And I promise to be a good influnce from now on. And can I just say how much it ROCKS that you are fitting in a size 14, and you just had a baby? I am totally inspired.

Missy said...

Okay you are WAY more bold by posting this than I ever could be! That in and of itself is awesome. I know you'll be great! We should treat ourselves to pedicures when we reach certain milestones, THAT would be fun!

And no worries on the diet coke. John has been drinking diet coke and he's pretty much hating it so I hear you!