Sunday, November 2, 2008

The difference a neighbor makes

We have this neighbor across the street, a single guy who works as a flight attendant.  When we first moved in, he was very nice and brought us a big cheesecake (which we lived off of for three days) and he takes care of the elderly woman who lives next door, taking her to her doctor's appointments and grocery shopping.  So you know, nice guy, right?  Well... yes and no.  I want to give credit where credit is due, but he's quite judgmental and has said some very rude things on several occasions, usually about our kids and pets.  And he once refused to let Bryce borrow his lawn mower because he "saved for a long time to buy a $400 mower" and didn't want Bryce to break it.  I really believe he thinks of us as "breeders."  A few days ago, Bryce was leaving the house with Fynn and this man saw him and asked if I'd had the baby.  Bryce told him yes, and he asked Bryce, "So, are y'all done?"  Bryce said, "Well, for now for sure."  And this man said, "For the next six weeks, anyway."  I usually can get offended, but Bryce can calm me down with a shrug when I have no reason to be, so when something bothers or offends him, I know I'm justified.  And that comment even bothered Bryce.

Now, on our left lives another single man, one who has lived in our neighborhood his entire life.  He lives in the house that he was raised in, bought from his mother.  He's always very kind, checking on me when Bryce works nights, he brought bears for the boys when Fynn was born, bringing them Halloween candy because he's not home on Halloween, etc.  (And he's not creepy or anything, I promise.)  Now, I don't need people to buy us things to show they can be neighborly, but he's just a world away from the man across the street, and he went above and beyond the day before Halloween.  He stopped by with the yearly stash of candy for the boys, and he also had these little gifts for them.  They are Christmas ornaments, and the tiny one on the left is for Corgan, the medium one is for Fynn and the Jack-o-Lantern "snowman" is for Ewan.
I just hate how every time the man across the street is outside, I feel scrutinized and judged, and I am grateful having a neighbor next to us who looks out for us and believes in families.  


Ashley said...

Having nice neighbors is great, of course it's a full time job as well it seems. I also have some crappy ones too. Thank goodness they moved. That's nice of him to look out for y'all like that.

J.E.M. said...

You rude. Maybe that guy across the street is just jealous...I mean you are some good people. And the guy next door knows how lucky you are and how lucky he is to live next to you.

Shannon said...

That is so sweet that your nice neighbor thought of you guys! And yes I think it is SO important to have nice neighbors! I also can't believe the other guy! Seriously! Having babies is such a personal thing from the number that you have to WHEN you have them! How fracken rude of him! Oh my gosh!