Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Saturday, we wanted to get out of the house, and since the Wisteria are blooming everywhere, I really wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens. My grandmother had Wisteria growing all over her back fence, and in the spring, you could smell it the second you pulled up in her driveway, and the backyard would just be a wonderland of purple. She's been gone for nearly twelve years now, and whenever I see Wisteria, I think of her. (I think of her with many flowers, actually.) I have some growing in my yard, but they don't bloom yet because it's a young vine. Watch - the first year we are out of this house, they will explode. We were looking for them at the Gardens on one of the paths, when Ewan and I both said, "I smell grapes!" We turned a corner, and BAM! there they were. It was gorgeous. They are right next to the roses, and the combination of the two scents made me feel like I was sitting RIGHT THERE in Grandma's backyard, talking about flowers and babies. She lived only a few blocks away, and when I was babysitting my nephew Chandler, Amy and I would put him in the stroller and walk over there. He'd play by her little fish pond while we all talked.

From a distance - look how high they climb.


I wrote a poem years ago about sunbathing with turtles. I would post it here, but I'm sure it's not as good as I thought at the time.

A reluctant pose from Ewan. His favorite part of the excursion was sitting and being able to play with his new Transformers.

Another reluctant pose.

I didn't even ask him to sit for this. He just wandered over to this tree like it was a professional shoot, and he was a model. Then he started ripping daffodils out of the ground.

My attempt at photography.

Mommy and a 5-month-old Corgan. Let this serve as his 5 month post.

I could not resist posting this, with Fynn's arm around Corgan like real chums. I love these boys so much. Continuing on the 5-month-post vein, Corgan is growing so much. He "talks" all day and shouts out to hear himself. He's rolling from stomach to back, and almost from back to stomach. He usually ends up turning a 180 in the attempt.


Kristy said...

You have really given me an itch to go to the botanical gardens. Your boys are so darn cute!

Sarah Young said...

In the words of Liz Lemon... "I want to go to there!"

Shannon said...

oh! how so so pretty! we need to get out there to those gardens. I LOVE the pics you took. The one of you and Corgan is absolutely beautiful.

Cheree said...

I always wondered what those purple blooming vines were called – and now I know! I’m an admirer too. Very pretty. I hope yours bloom so you can enjoy them. :-)

Sarah Smiles said...

I'm with Cheree...always wondered what the purple was! Sweet! They are so gorgeous. And yes...going to have to get to the Gardens! I can't even imagine how beautiful it is this time of year.

Julie said...

I love picnicking at the Botanical Gardens. Very pretty picture of you and Corgan, and the one of all three boys on the couch at the end is really cute.