Sunday, March 15, 2009


On Friday night, we had the Saunders and the Bowers over for a little Wii tournament and pizza. When you combine Ewan, Fynn, Ben, Brady and Natalie together, the chaos that ensues is far worse than any accounts you'll hear of the L.A. riots. It's loud, and I mean LOUD. We laid Corgan down for the night, and we were all amazed at how well he stayed asleep through all of it. Our house is quite small, so the chaos was basically right outside the bedroom door. But he slept right through it. I may know why - I stepped in to check on him at one point and found him covering his ear.


Shannon said...

that is so cute and funny! I am sorry I missed out on all the festivities AGAIN! for goodness sakes!

I can't wait till we can have the whole crew over :D

Julie said...

That's adorable!

Jenny said...

That is hilarious. Way to be a problem solver, Corgan!!