Friday, March 20, 2009


Today my little Ewan turns five years old! I'm seriously about to cry (the fact that I literally have not eaten a meal yet today is probably making everything feel a little more dramatic) that he is such a big boy. He's so wonderful, and we love him so much. He got to go to the store this morning and pick out a Transformer. He picked a two pack - and has been quite occupied learning the ins and outs of their transformations. Now we are about to take him, just Mommy, Daddy and Ewan, out to eat. He picked Bravo, a newish Italian restaurant. We aren't sure why he chose it, but who am I to argue with Italian?! I really have to stop now, I'm getting verklempt. (About him turning five, not the Italian food. Although that would make me verklempt, too.)

Hanging out together while Mommy folds laundry and Fynn naps.

Showing Corgan how to transform the new toys.


Shannon said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Ewan! It seems like just yesterday they were 2. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Ewan! I didn't forget, but half the time I don't know the date, Love, Grandma

Jenny said...

What a great idea to take him out to dinner with just Mommy and DAddy. Very special. Happy 5th, Ewan!

Julie said...

How fun for him to have time with Mommy and Daddy by himself!