Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taylor Status

What is the plural of "status?" Is it "statuses?" "Stati?" Hold on, I'm going to look it up... Oh, wow. It's "status." Hm! Who knew? Anyway... I know I haven't been doing regular posting here other than the occasional picture explosion, so I felt like just posting the state of all things Taylor-oriented.

Corgan is ginormo-baby. Every day, Bryce or I say, "When did he get so big?!" He has no teeth, yet, but he drools like a leaky dam. He's rolling over from back to tummy, and he's starting to experiment with some consonants, constantly screeching out "D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D!" He's a very happy baby, a major contrast from the colicky screamer he was the first few months. Every time he looks at someone, usually women, his jaw opens in a gigantic gummy grin and he crinkles his nose. We've made real progress in that our friend John doesn't make him cry anymore.

Fynn is so stinkin' fun. I can't believe how much he is growing and talking. He loves bugs, and we frequently find him on his belly, very closely examining a tiny creature. I have to stop him from picking up ants and spiders, but I do let him carry around a June bug when he finds one. The other day, he kept one in his hand, alive, through two hours of car travel and shopping time. However, that little booger WILL NOT sleep at night. We put him to bed at 8:00, and that kid will get up over and over again - sometimes more than a dozen times. Nothings works, either. We tried Super Nanny's advice of not saying anything to him, but immediately putting him back in bed, we've tried spanking (just a little tap). Nothing. Right now, having been put to bed an hour ago after not napping today, he's still in there taunting Ewan and roaring like a tiger.

Before I get into an update on Ewan, just a little about him. He's been quite difficult the last couple of years. He's very anxious and seems to have some sensory issues. It's all quite difficult to explain, but it has been a struggle, one that I fear will go on and I won't know how to handle. On the other hand, he's very smart. We could hold full conversations with him when he was barely two, and when he was three, he started sounding out and reading words on his own. He's very curious about words, and asks what everything he hears means. We recently (finally) got him into Pre-K through our elementary school. It has made such a difference. He'll now draw pictures (would never before, only scribble) and is more willing to work at something, whereas before if it was just a slight challenge, he would run screaming from the room devastated. Today, his teacher flagged me down to tell me their language and speech person visited the room today. She said to me, "This boy will read anything you put in front of him." Apparently, they gave him word lists, and he was reading at above a 4th grade level. So this language specialist is going to come in each week and work with him and see what else he's capable of. I was just so excited, because I worry about him so much. I had a hard time not crying in happiness for him. He's not into sports at all, but seems to have a very scientific mind, and you'll always find him in the company of adults rather than children. More than once I've gotten to school to pick him early and found him on the playground, talking his teacher's ear off while the children ensued in hilarity around him. He's quite an interesting, awesome kid.

Bryce is working hard, but may need a second job soon. I'm trying to keep up with everything, and barely succeeding. The kittens are cute and growing and each one has a home waiting for it. In fact, one will be staying with us and Ewan has named him Flex.

Fynn scopes out the insect life.

The biggest worm I have ever seen, even after being accidentally cut by a shovel.

So disgusting, yet so AWESOME.

Flex is on the left. Say a prayer: Fynn is determined to slam the door on one of them.

This is what Fynn does when I've banned him from the kittens. I tried to get a shot of one of their paws coming out, but they were too quick.


Sarah Young said...

That worm is insanely long! It was so good to catch up on the Taylor status! I'm glad you found out some good news about Ewan. Maryn gives Justin and I her own set of struggles with certain things. It's nice to know that someone else is also in the situation of raising a very smart kid, but understands that doesn't mean it's necessarily a cakewalk. If only these little nuggets came with handbooks!

Shannon said...

Good update! The boys are wonderful, you have done such a great job with them! And that is SO AWESOME about Ewan! He is just too smart! I love it!

And those bugs, ewwwwww!

Sarah Smiles said...

Personally, I like "stati" just sounds fun. Kinda.

Good update! And good stuff about Ewan!! So glad the Pre-K is working out!!

Ashley said...

Ok, Ewan is a smarty but we knew that! That worm is gnarly! Blech! The boys are cute and so are the kitties. Sadly we won't be getting one... darn.

Mubeen said...

Not a fan of bugs and such but love hearing about your family. :o) Too cute! That Ewan, amazing!!

Julie said...

Lots of fun hearing how everyone is doing. I empathize with you about Ewan, I have one that I worry about a lot, too. I'm so happy that Pre-K is working out well. Cute pictures of the kids with the bugs!

Caroline said...

I had a friend who always wondered what was wrong with her, her parents were always worried about her, and then they discovered that she had an insanely high I.Q., so she was truly a genius, and that was why she had such a hard time with some things. Weird how that happens! Glad you guys are able to help Ewan out now.

And that worm is crazy!!!