Monday, April 27, 2009

Right now...

... Cheez-its are ground into the rug

...Kitten-chow is scattered all over the kitchen floor, along with tiny little water pawprints

...the kitchen counters are bathed in a concoction of flour, water, enchilada sauce, and mysterious crumbs

...a novel's worth of Ewan's school papers are scattered around the house, and I can't throw them away, but have nowhere to place them

...Fynn, who skipped a nap today, is trudging around in his bedroom grabbing toys and periodically trying to escape unnoticed. Go to sleep already, kid.

...there's more dirty laundry than can be reasonably done in 24-hour period of time

...there's a stack of magazines and books about one foot tall that I never have time to read

...there's a stack of random papers and odds & ends on the side-table, again with no home to put them

...I need a shower

...a sticky substance has settled down on my desk and has started raising a little family of mini-sticky substances

... my bedroom is a disaster area of hurricane aftermath proportions of unfolded laundry and baby stuff

...I am exhausted

... I should be taking care of the things on this list, and I know I'm on the computer instead, but I just can't go in that kitchen. All I want is to settle down with cookies and vegetate.

Why can't I get this done during the day? Because Corgan never stops whining and crying, Ewan & Fynn play Spider-man to the point of injuring each other, which results in an unbearable amount of whining, and then me being followed around by mini humans saying, "Hold you, pick me up." When I do feel like I have a spare second and start to tackle something, a major spill occurs, or someone gets badly hurt, or Corgan starts SCREAMING. *Sigh* I'm tapped out. It's one of those nights where I feel like I could just go catatonic with the seemingly undoable amount of work to be done.

I'm not trying to say "woe is me," but I just love my family and want to be able to do the best for them, and just feel like I can't keep up. Argh! I know I've fussed about this before, but I just felt the need to vent as I sat here on my break from bulldozing the kitchen mess. Off to the trenches I return...


Jenny said...

Ooo, it sounds like we had similar days.

Erica said...

I just looked around, but I don't see you in my house. Where are you? Because ditto, with only 2 kids...I feel your pain, sista.

VirtualM said...

Kelli, thanks for keepin' it real. We all have sucky days, but not everyone has the ballz to blog about it. It helps me feel that I'm not alone in the insanity of motherhood - I want to claw my eyes out when I continually read about everyone's well-behaved children, clean houses, and fancy vacations. You'll get there :) and you have the most awesome little boys, I can tell from just your blog how much you love them.

Sarah Young said...

I love you for this post. I think we are living the same life! :)

Ashley said...

hmmm, I think every mom feels your pain.

The Blackburn Family said...

Lol! You have no idea who I am and I happened upon your post completely by accident but it caught my eye and I couldn't stop reading. You have a very open and inviting way of writing. Just thought I'd let you know that a complete and random stranger enjoyed your thoughts and I totally relate to all you wrote in this blog! I'm a first time momma and while everyone tells you of all the amazing and wonderful things that come with motherhood....they kind of leave out the mundane every day (sometimes mind numbing) routines that all of a sudden overtake your life. I've never been so happy and never been so frustrated all at the same time. Anyway, just thought I'd say 'Hi' :-)