Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, farewell 'til next year

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and it was spectacular. I was so excited, even the night before Christmas Eve, that I had trouble sleeping. I coudn't wait to give the kids their gifts, and to catch a glimpse of Santa. Ewan recieved lots of Transformers, and has been transfixed by them. His behavior has been better, and we have a new theory that he really gets so bored, that his mind and hands need something to challenge them, and that's why he acts out. Fynn wasn't really all that impressed with anything other than the baseball glove and baseballs he got. He sleeps with them both. I'm glad and sad it's over, but now we go on to prepare for Corgan's blessing and Fynn's 2nd birthday. I'll let the pictures tell about the rest of our Christmas.

I had to throw this one in, just because it is so darn cute.

Our pitiful Christmas tree, after falling victim to young children that repositioned ornaments, and cats that ate Christmas light cords.

Sorry to subject you to this, but we needed documentation of Bryce's blue tongue after Missy's yummy train cakes. I can't figure out why I don't have other pictures from our time with the Saunders. Visit the link for Missy's from that day.

Let's just say my dad is no fan of Obama. This was our gag gift to him. Unfortunately, all the pictures of my mom were very blurry, but we'll get some up soon.

Puppies and babies.

Ewan's Transformers from my parents, all lined up for Santa to see.

Cookies and milk for Santa, and some cheese for Santa Mouse.

Fynn hit the chocolate first thing. Must have been a rough night.

Bryce's mom and dad, Jerry and Mary Ann.

Fynn carried that baseball around all day long. He slept with it. And for fun, a glimpse of my favorite shoes.

Ewan found other uses for the butterfly net from Grandma Taylor.

Fynn and his rad Uncle DJ.

Ewan's loot.

Fynn's loot.

Santa didn't forget the littlest Taylor. The fun stuff was in the stocking.

Reading a new book.

Fynn's present that he picked with Daddy's help. I've been talking about how I want to buy myself a Barbie just so I could brush her hair and look at her. She comes with a kitty.

Ewan's gift to me, which he picked out all by himself. A toucan can opener.

Bryce ordered these really cool custom-made books directly from Apple. They lost the first order, so he redid it, and we ended up receiving both of them, slightly different from each other. They are bound and covered with a dedication and are awesome, full of pictures of the kids, sisters, my kitties and just all the things I love.

The dedication says, "No words are needed to show how much Kelli loves her family and children. This is a dedication to her love and care." I guess I'll stick with him.


Sarah Smiles said...

Ummm, those books from Bryce totally made me tear up there at the end!!! Wow, bravo!!
Looks like ya'll enjoyed your Christmas! So glad!!

Shannon said...

Oh! Those picture books are so wonderfully sweet! And I loved the handpicked by the boys gifts. Looks like a very merry Christmas :)

Jenny said...

Wow, what an amazing gift! Those books are so sweet.

And I totally understand about the barbie. maybe i'll ask for one next year.

Jenny said...

PS, you are looking SKINNY!