Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve with friends, sisters and babies

Today was a very good Christmas Eve. The Saunders came over for lunch and the boys had lots of fun decorating train cakes and running around. Tonight we headed over to Ashley's house for a little family party. I was so excited to get to see Jonah again, and to see him next to Corgan. They are exactly one month apart to the day. Jonah is so cute, and gave my dad some really great giggles. Babies have always loved my dad; he has a magical touch. It was great to see my nieces and nephews, but especially my sisters. I love them both so much and it's always a highlight of my day when we can be together. Here are a few pictures Amy sent to me from her camera. I'll post some more later when I download ours and I know Ashley will be posting more as well. Ewan was running around most of the night, so no pictures of him yet, but I know Bryce got some. Now at our house, Santa has come and gone, Bryce is crashed on the couch, and I am probably more excited than the boys to get up in the morning and see their little faces and open their presents. I won't be getting much sleep.

Big giggles for Grandpa from Jonah.

Fynn was stationed here for a lot of the night.

Corgan on the left with Jonah on the right. Too much cuteness for one room, I say.

Jonah and Corgan, looking like they've been on a bender.

Swapping babies.

There's Chloe!

Ashley, me and Amy. I'm actually not that tall, I was wearing my "Hollywood shoes."

Ashley seeing what it's like to be Angelina Jolie.


Sarah Smiles said...

Merry Christmas! What a fun Christmas Eve!!!
Yay for sisters. I miss mine SO MUCH! You are one lucky chica to have them so close!!

Missy said...

I love my sisters, too, it's great to have sisters! I do agree with Sarah, we are lucky we have sisters so close!

Ashley said...

Hmm, was I hitting the egg nog or something? I look drunk in that picture...