Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everyone's a Critic

Ewan asked me tonight if I would keep growing my hair long. I told him I planned on it. He said, "Good!" I asked him why, thinking I'd get some lovely compliment about how he thought I was pretty with long hair.

"Because," he said, "when you had long hair and I was your only kid, the long hair made you look younger."

"Well, I was younger then."

"Also, it made you look thinner."

"I was thinner then."

He gives me a look like "Oh, your poor thing."

I did manage to find my cheekbones again tonight - in a picture from five years ago. I see what he means.


Sarah Young said...

Dang Gina!!! {Sorry, I watched a lot of 'Martin' as a youth} I am all for honesty, but ouch! I used to judge my mom so harshly until I became a mom myself...he'll understand some day.

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