Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unloading the camera

Ewan and Fynn got new baseball hats.  Fynn sleeps with his every nap time.  I found him like this the other afternoon.  Trying to shield the light from his eyes?

Chillin' on a Sunday afternoon.

I think she wants some gerbil meat.  Must be a pregnancy craving for protein.  Yep, she's pregnant.  Want a kitten?  You know I'll end up keeping one.

If only Corgan had been next to Fynn instead of Bryce, and I would have had perfect little stairsteps.

Do these belong to you?  I washed a load of laundry and these were in the bottom of the washer when it was done.  I have never seen them before in my life.  Neither has Ewan.  Fynn can't tell me what I need to know.  I cannot figure out where they came from.  Please let me know if they are yours, and I shall return them.  I guess the exchange rate for a pair of socks is two play butter-knives.


Sarah Smiles said...

Those boys are so dang cute!!

Keithaniel said...
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Shannon said...

haha, any takers on the wayward knives?

love the pictures, it's fun to see what builds up on the camera!

(sorry that last comment I did in Keith's account, dang it)

Julie said...

Cute pictures! I think being pregnant can be a very traumatic thing. I know it was for me. I'm glad that you are recovering. Very cute pictures of the boys, and the cat!